Star Wars junk costs the earth

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WHEN we were kids there weren’t that many new stamps you couldn’t buy after saving up your pocket money.

The going rate for a commemorative set was about three shillings (that’s 15p) – sometimes a bit more, often less. But how much would you need now?

On 12 October the new Star Wars stamps come out. The basic stamps, eight of them, cost £5.50, the presentation pack is £6.50 and it’s £6.66 for the First Day Cover. Oh, and there is a Prestige Stamp Booklet which is £15.00 unless you want the one which comes, according to the Royal Mail website, in ‘an embossed silver metal clamshell case’. That will be £75, and the eight postcards will set you back £3.50.

You can also get the stamps on ‘a stunning presentation card’ for £5.50, or the stamps framed for £40, or the Edinburgh First Day cover which is another £6.66.

But we have not yet begun. How about a cover with a medal? That will set you back £19.99, unless you want the medal to be in silver in which case it is £99.99. Only there are three each of those, each medal depicting something different.

You can also get the stamps on a ‘Light Sabre Display Set’ which, the Royal Mail says, you can display on your mantelpiece or desk – perhaps we’ll pass on that and save £20.

There is more, a lot more, the Royal Mail’s site returns 60 results and, frankly, we can’t be asked to look at them let alone describe them. If you really must you can revel in their glory by clicking on the link above, but unless you have a few hundred quid to waste on what looks to us to be whole load of junk, don’t bother.