Black Beauties

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SO what do you think of this then?

It’s only a May 1840 cover which just happens to have FOUR 1d Blacks.

Yes FOUR, count ‘em, one, two, three, FOUR Black Beauties.

Not the sort of thing even we see every day, or every week if it comes to that.

It was part of a collection we have purchased of Great Britain covers which we are gradually putting on our website.

So far we have loaded half a dozen but there are more to come – all stinking of quality.

We also have a couple of covers with hand-drawn illustrations which are always popular and one with a 2/6 and 5/- Bradbury Seahorses going to Buenos Aires, as is a Queen Vic shilling cover.

The handsome and delightful half-dozen can be found on both our New This Week page.

As always they are priced to sell so we don’t expect them to hang around for long.