Che still causes controversy

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As you may have read in the news, the Irish Department of Communications is in trouble with some for issuing a stamp marking the 50th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara.

The stamp, pictured here, features the iconic image of the Argentine-born revolutionary by Dublin artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

Some would say that Guevara a mass murderer who should not be honoured, to others Continue reading Che still causes controversy

Not coining it in . . .

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We mentioned on a newsletter how various ‘alternative’ investments have fared over the years.

A coin dealer got in touch with some values of commemorative coins.

It was a bit of shock, but here we go:

In 1990 the Royal Mint sold a £5 cupronickel coin to celebrate the Queen Mother’s 90th birthday. They sold it to Joe Public for £9.99 but a dealer will give you just Continue reading Not coining it in . . .

Star Wars junk costs the earth

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WHEN we were kids there weren’t that many new stamps you couldn’t buy after saving up your pocket money.

The going rate for a commemorative set was about three shillings (that’s 15p) – sometimes a bit more, often less. But how much would you need now?

On 12 October the new Star Wars stamps come out. The basic stamps, eight of them, cost Continue reading Star Wars junk costs the earth

Late lecture

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Our local stamp society had their first meeting last Monday.

There was a good attendance, but the most interesting part of the evening came after it had ended.

One of our members was walking home and he came across a gent who was staggering somewhat, clearly under the ‘affluence of incalcohol’ as they say.

Our member asked the chap if he was OK.

“Yes,” he replied, slurring somewhat: “In fact I am on my way to hear a lecture on the evils of drink.”

“Who gives lectures on the evils of drink at after 10 o’clock at night?” our member asked.

“My wife does!”  came the reply. . . .

Storing the Moon

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As you may have noticed there was a solar eclipse visible in America this week.

Needless to say it was an opportunity for the US Postal Service to issue special stamps for the occasion, and they were not the only ones.

Using modern printing technology some of the stamps, including the American ones, used heat-reactive thermochromic ink. That meant that the moon looks black on the stamp but when you put your finger on it the ink is warmed and the moon appears. When the stamp cools it goes Continue reading Storing the Moon

Cheer up our Barry

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Our Barry was away on hols for part of the last fortnight.

The weather was not up to much for part of it, but his biggest complaint was that he went all that time hardly seeing a stamp.

Now, such withdrawal symptoms are not easy to overcome, but you can play your part to put our lad on the road to recovery.

He would love to see some stamps, lots and lots of them actually.

Now, it just so happens that our next auction is on September 30 which means if you have anything you wish to sell then you need to let us have it now.

And nothing will bring a smile to our Barry’s face like having queues of customers keen to sell their ‘treasure’ as he calls it.

Whether it is a fine single item or a big box of goodies he will not object. All will be welcome in Barry’s world.

Rabbiting on, but organically

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Being active on the web means we do attract a lot of junk mail, often from folks who have the secret of increasing turnover/selling more/getting higher in search engines/turning base metal into gold . .

Actually we are not sure of that last one but have probably been offered it more than once.  The ones we like best are the ones which say they can push our site up the Google rankings. The odd thing is that none of their sites are ever highly ranked.

Organic growth?

Some clown keeps telling us we are not getting enough ‘organic traffic and growth’. No, we have no idea what that means either. The only organic thing we have seen recently was a carrot and Continue reading Rabbiting on, but organically