There are few more popular areas in philately than George VI Commonwealth issues.

It is not by chance that Gibbons issue not only a catalogue for them but also their brilliant range of Crown Albums. The stamps make good money on Ebay.

So we were delighted to see an exceptional fine used collection come into the shop, beautifully displayed in a four-volume Gibbons loose-leaf album along with a 32-page stockbook.  We are told there are 5,176 spaces in the albums of which all but 260 are filled and of those missing 203 are from Indian States and much of the others are South African Officials. In addition is the accompanying stockbook which contains shades, blocks, perf differences and all the other things for which there are no spaces in the album.

It is not only the quantity but the quality which is really outstanding. The catalogue value of the whole collection is hard to estimate. Very conservatively we would put it at £42,000 if it were average used. However, this collection has been chosen on the basis of quality so deserves a considerable premium on top of that.

We have several options when it comes to selling. The two most obvious would be to break it up and sell as county lots or indeed individual stamps and set, but that would take time and we are currently really busy with the next auction catalogue. It would also mean having to charge more – splitting it takes time and time is money. So we are willing to sell the whole thing for a bargain price of just £17,500. Due to its weight and value this has to be for shop customers only.  If you are interested and wish to view give us a call on 01372 720 051 and we’ll make sure it is in the shop ready for your visit.

What else is new on the site? Well, keeping on the George VI theme we have just loaded about 70 sets of fine used Silver Wedding pairs along with the odd high-value single. The quickest way to find them is to type ‘Silver Wedding’ into the search box on the right.

Away from George we have also added several large blocks of 1d red plates which are in the Queen Victoria Line Engraved section and, more up to date, some Wilding First Day Covers. You can find them here.

Those of you who are members of the Epsom and Ewell Philatelic may remember GB Booklet expert Ian Harvey coming along last year. One of the items he mentioned were panes from George V booklets which were pre-cancelled and sent to potential advertisers just after the First World War.

It was not a great success, and as a result there are not that many of the pre-cancelled panes and they are not often seen on the market. As it happens, we have just acquired four of them and are offering them at a knock-down price. Search for others on-line and you will see the normal asking price is around the £200 mark, each. Take a look at ours by clicking here.

Paul and Barry

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