Our next auction is on Saturday February 3rd.

There are over 840 lots on offer with estimates ranging from a tenner to several thousands so really something for everyone.

To mention just a few items, how about two boxed Imperial albums, both in excellent condition and full of good things. The first (lot E 30) covers Antigua to Malta and includes plenty of Edward VII material, most of the 1935 Jubilee sets, mint, George V to 5/-, and no shortage of Queen Victoria both mint and used. The vendor tells us the catalogue value is £45,000 excluding any damaged or fiscally used items.

The next lot (E 31) is the companion volume covering Mauritius to Zululand. Again both mint and used and of equal status, the vendor again telling us the catalogue prices the collection at £40,000 again excluding any damaged or fiscally used.

The estimate on each is £3,600 and at that price will certainly appeal for anyone who wants an instant collection to expand or an Ebayer with the time to carefully examine thousands of stamps.

If Commonwealth is your thing the sale also features an impressive 58(!) volume collection broken down into country lots.

We also have the usual range of box lots which we really do not have the time to check in any detail so there is always a good chance of a real find.

Oh, and needless to say there is plenty of specialist items including plenty of George VI listed flaws, 1d Blacks, mint GB Four Kings, a fine used PUC £1 (lot 771) and modern GB errors such as 1972 Explorers with missing gold and phosphor.

Among the more unusual there is the 1964 Forth Road Bridge Presentation Pack signed on the back “Best wishes to my son Michael, – Andrew Restall” (the stamps’ designer). Click on the image for more details.

You may remember that in our last auction we had 1966 World Cup covers signed by some of the players. This time we have a real bumper lot (A 804)  which would be very difficult to put together today.

They include England Winners illustrated covers signed by Martin Peters, Gordon Banks, Ray Wilson, Nobby Styles, Geoff Hurst, Alan Ball, Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore, Jimmy Greaves, Alf Ramsey and a 1999 Bobby More pair on a cover signed by Kenneth Wolstenholme of ‘They Think its all over’ fame.

You can download the catalogue from the Auction Page of this website where you can also send in your bids.

We have also posted several items which you can view by clicking here.

Paul and Barry

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