We were able to pick up some top class Commonwealth items recently.

They really do range from Australia to Zanzibar, via both Canada and Southern Africa. They were a good buy for us which means we can let them go at a good price to you.

Remember, they are all quality items, mainly George V but also some Queen Victoria and Edward VII among them. To save you having to search thought our website we have put some of them into the ‘New This Week’ folder.

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People don’t send postcards any more. When we were young(er) the ones which were sent were from the seaside with the cheery, if clichéd, ‘wish you were here’ sort of message.

But that has not always been the case. At the start of the last century people collected those which had views of places they were never likely to visit, or of historic events. So although it seems odd to us to have pictures of a natural or man-made disaster it was not for the people at the time.

One of the items which came our way is a card with a picture taken during the 1918 raid on Zeebrugge. Cards featuring the raid are rare anyway, it is easier to find unicorn droppings, but this one also shows one of the Liverpool ferries which were drafted in to carry and land troops.

It is a fascinating story and, along with the sister raid on Ostende accumulated the greatest number of Victoria Crosses ever issued for an operation.


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