All the pictures here are lots from our next auction which is on April 29th . You can download the catalogue by clicking here and see 80 of the over 900 lots here.

The lots include TWO GB Queen Victoria £5 oranges a couple of Queen Vic 10/-s, one of which is mint, TWO £1 seahorses and FOUR Edward VII £s,  oh and at least four 1d Blacks and  some interesting postal history.

As always the Commonwealth is well represented, this time with some very smart George VI Key Plates in blocks as well as shades.

The rest of the world, and especially Europe, also has several star items.

It is going to be one of the biggest auctions we have ever held so putting the catalogue together is not an easy task but it will be sent to all subscribers in plenty of time as well as being posted here on our website.

If you would like a printed copy let us know by emailing Barry.Mudie@epsomstamp.co.uk

 Paul and Barry




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