Looking for something new to collect? Perhaps something which is not too complicated but with plenty of scope as well as historic interest?

We may have the answer – Irish overprints.

When the Irish Provisional Government came into being on January 16th ireland-200-205-17.png1922 a series of overprints were arranged for the current Great Britain stamps.

Speed was of the essence so four print shops were used – Dollard Printing House and Alec Thom for the early sets, Harrison for the coils, and Government Printing Works and Harrison for the 1925-1935 Seahorses.

The stamps came out on February 17th 1922 and were the only ones available until December 6th that year when the newly formed Department ireland-200-205-16.pngof Posts and Telegraphs issued their first stamp.

Despite being quite short-lived, there is plenty to collect at affordable prices and there are also plenty of varieties to find.

We have loaded a few examples from our stock and more will be added during the week. You can take a look by clicking here.

Our shop in Waterloo Road, Epsom
Our shop in Waterloo Road, Epsom

As many of you know we offer great items at value prices, and new items are being loaded all the time.

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Together we can create a collection to make you proud.