WE like holding auctions.

Unless you have been involved with one it is hard to explain how much hard work goes into it; getting lots in, describing and valuing them, booking the hall, find willing staff, get the catalogue printed, check the proofs, posting it out, add some lots to the website, take pre-sale bids, arrange viewing, move all the lots to the venue . . . and that is all before the sale begins.

The bidding got off to brisk start. For the last few sales we have had a few cigarette card collections as early lots and again they went exceptionally well.

One, Lot 29, featured horse racing themes. We had it with an estimate of £100 but went to £187, including the 10% buyers’ premium, before the hammer came down.

A few lots later came a selection of five British Antarctic Expedition postal history items– you may have seen this featured on our website. The estimate was £200 but there had been a few pre-sale bids and soon the price hit £400, then £500 and then £600. The final price, again including premium, was a £682.

An old Ideal Album was, as we put in the catalogue, priced to sell. It was very popular at the morning’s viewing and again in the room. The estimate was £500, but it made £902.

There was more to come; also featured on our website was a three-volume China collection.  This was also popular pre-sale with bids in excess of £1,500 against an estimate of £1,000. However, they did not get a look in. After some lively bidding the final nod came at £3,850.

We also had some interesting GB postal history; a beautifully written up 21 pages on Old Surrey Place Names was expected to make about £500 but went for £869. From the same vendor a specialist collection of Leatherhead Postal History, again beautifully written up, went for £374 against an estimate of £180 and a collection of material centred on the Chelsea Flower Shop found a new home after making £143.

We had hundreds and hundreds of other lots which sold from about a tenner upwards; we pride ourselves that there is something for everyone.

There are a few unsold lots which are available for purchase from our shop in Epsom from Tuesday.

Barry and Paul


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