Bonkers for Honkers?

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We have been busy of late dealing with the aftermaths of our July 15 auction – collecting the money, sending out lots and selling the few unsolds in the shop.

Our next auction is not until September 30, but we have already taken in a fair amount of material for it. If you have anything you wish to sell don’t delay getting in touch.

If it is something we want we’ll either make you a cash offer or suggest you put it in to one of our actions – the choice is yours. More details here.

We are gradually adding new Commonwealth material to our website, both stamps and covers.  Do keep looking as there are not many days when new items are not posted.

Prices start at about a fiver so there is something for all pockets. For ten times that amount the fine used Antigua 2/- which you  read about here.

If Hong Kong is your thing how about this stunner,SG17, again fine used, and used in China. Once it is sold it is sold, and it can be some time before we get another.

That said, we have several George V Hong Kong’s Used in China which you can view here.

If you a thematic collector remember you can put in your area in one of the Search boxes and it will show all we have on offer for that topic. So if it is horses, type in the word and this will be the result – horses.

You can let us know what you collect by clicking on the ‘My preferences’ link right at the bottom of this website and we’ll do our best to let you know about relevant items we have in stock or are coming up in one of our auctions.