Be a telegram man

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Our Paul has been away on holiday this week so Barry has been in charge of the shop and had an endless stream of customers, buying things, leaving items for our next auction, making enquires and others who just come in for a chat.

All are welcome; especially those who leave with less money in their pockets than they came in with. . .

We have also managed to load another 150 items onto the website, mainly Commonwealth. As we mentioned last time we have some particularly decent material come in and have been busy loading and selling it.

Among the items are the rather splendid Gambia 4d unused and a fine used 6d pictured here. For more details, click on the image.

All new items are in both the New This Week section of the website and under their country headings.

For something a bit different how about this block of 30 Telegraph stamps?

Back in the day after the customer completed their message on a telegraph form it was passed to a clerk who applied a telegraph stamp and cancelled it to show that payment had been made.

The block here were issued by the Universal Telegraph Company in 1864 and printed, on very thin paper, by Waterlows.

If you are looking for something new to collect Telegraph Stamps would be something to consider.

They are, compared to postage stamps, remarkably cheap – how much would you have to pay for a block of this size of any Victorian GB stamp?

In the past telegraph stamps were collected alongside postage stamps, the Royal collection has many telegraph stamps because George V was keen on them.